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Steve Tilston

We are really pleased that we can announce that Steve Tilston will be returning to Costa Del Folk in Portugal this October.  Steve  is rightly acknowledged within the world of folk and contemporary music as one of the UK’S most enduring and multi-talented singer/songwriter. As a journeyman folk singer and musician he’s been in the business since the early 1970’s and in the intervening decades has enjoyed creative partnerships with major folk figures from Bert Jansch to Jez Lowe.  Although a songwriter he also has an ear for the folk tradition with classic songs like Slipjig and Reels, Here’s to Tom Paine, the Naked Highwayman and The Reckoning.The Reckoning earned the accolade of Best Original Song in the 2012 BBC Folk Awards and  in 2015 he was named Male Vocalist of the Year in the Fatea Awards. Here’s to Tom Paine is now the adopted theme song for the Tom Paine Society of America and he’s lost count of the number of versions of The Slipjigs and Reels.

As a guitarist he was invited to contribute to a CD series of “Guitar Maestros alongside Wizz Jones and Martin Simpson. More recently he’s toured with his daughter, Martha Tilston and  teamed-up with the Leeds-based alt-country band , The Durbavilles,

A celebrated artist in Britain and abroad, winning accolades in Europe, Australia and the USA, his songs have been recorded by Fairport Convention, Dolores Keane, The House Band, Peter Bellamy, North Cregg, Bob Fox and John Wright. Here’s to Tom Paine is the adopted theme song for the Tom Paine Society of America and it’s been rumoured, has featured in Bruce Springsteen’s live set. Steve’s latest project is as a duo with Costa del Folk favourite, Jez Lowe.