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Giggleswick Temperance Band

We’ve a new  band playing for the daily ceilidhs in Portugal in October. It’s the Giggleswick Temperance Band…. but don’t be surprised if they look more than a little familiar.

The new band is largely made up of members of the William Small Small Orchestra Ceilidh Band but there’s absolutely no truth in the rumour that the change has occurred because some people thought the original name was a bit silly.

In fact there were a number of reasons for the change, the first of which was the understandable desire to avoid the excessive costs they were incurring on visiting cards. There were also complaints about repetition.

There is, however, no truth in the rumour that they have all joined the Temperance Movement. Or indeed that they have any connection with Giggleswick.

The members of The Giggleswick Temperance Band are:  Sam Bracken (Guitar/Mandocello), Elaine Bracken (Flute), Mike Harding (Banjo/Mandolin) Andrew Service (Accordian), Steve Keene (fiddle) and Gaye Woollard, (Bodhran) plus their regular caller, Michelle Holding.

Join them for a daily terpsichorean trip around 5.30pm each day.