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Airline Luggage Allowances


Below is a general guide to each airlines baggage policy.  However, please double check with us as prices do change if you would like to add a seat or a suitcase to a booking.

If you are travelling to Ibiza please double check your boarding pass for your luggage allowance.  The information below should help.

Ryanair show this in very small writing underneath where it states the gate closing time.  If there is nothing written there ie, 15kg or 20kg then you only have carry-on luggage (the dimensions are show below and also on your boarding pass)

Easyjet indicate luggage has been added by the symbol of a suitcase underneath the bar code and flight reference.  They don’t make it as clear as Ryanair / Jet2 so if you’re taking more than one suitcase per person please double check with us.

Jet2 show the number of bags added below the flight information on the top right quarter of the boarding pass. (weight allowances are below)
Cabin Bags (included)
10kgs of carry on luggage measuring no more than 56cmx45cmx25cm
Hold Bags
From £28 each way for a case weighing up to 22kgs
Other Extras per seat
From: Pre-Booked seats £9 each way
From: Extra Leg Room seats £18 each way
Standard Legroom pitch 71cm

Musical Instruments
A charge of £30 per flight is charged for a musical instrument. If the instrument is only slightly larger than hand luggage (56cm x 34 x25cm) it may be allowed in the cabin, at the airlines discretion and depending on the occupancy of the aircraft (the £30 per flight charge still applies).

If your musical instrument is within the permitted hand baggage dimensions of 56x45x25cm and weighs less than 10kg, it can be carried onto the aircraft with you.



Cabin Bags (included)
You can carry one cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20.
Due to cabin space limitations only passengers who have purchased priority boarding will be allowed to take their 10kg (55 x 40 x 20 cms) in the cabin. All other passengers will be asked to check their 10kg bags into the Hold free of charge.

Hold Bags (Optional)
From £25 each way for a 20kg [added at time of booking] From £40 each way after initial booking is made
(Please note: Ryanair does not have a static pricing policy the later you add luggage the more expensive it is)

Other Extras per seat (optional)
Pre-Booked seats from £7 each way
Extra Leg Room Seats:  From £20.00
(Please note: Ryanair does not have a static pricing policy and these prices do fluctuate, we will only charge you what Ryanair charges us!)
Standard Legroom pitch 76cm

Musical instrument

€50 / £50 – pre booked

€60 / £60 –  booked at airport

Fee charged per Item/ Per one way flight. A maximum weight of 20kg per item

or a seat must be purchased if it can’t be checked in.


Cabin Bags (included)
You may carry one cabin bag – maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25cm including handles and wheels – no weight restriction

Hold Bags (Optional)
rom £47 per 20kg bag (Total price not each way)

Other Extras per seat (optional) 
Pre-Booked seats From £5 each way
Easy Jet Plus Seats: (Row 2-6) From £9.00 – (Rows 12 & 13 Emergency Exits) From £11 + one extra small carry on bag (eg, handbag / laptop case) & Speedy Boarding
Standard Legroom pitch 74cm
(Please note: Prices are guideline prices and may vary slightly when booking)

Muscial Instruments
If an instrument is smaller than 120cm x 30cm x 38cm it may be allowed in the overhead cabin, if there is space. This is classed as the 1 piece of hand luggage. If it is larger and needs to be checked in, a bag is £36 + a charge per kilo. If it is larger but can’t be checked in, an extra seat can be purchased.