Alden, Patterson & Dashwood

Alden, Patterson & Dashwood are a Norwich-based trio comprising Christina Alden (vocals, guitar), Alex Patterson (fiddle, vocals) and Noel Dashwood (dobro, vocals). They formed in late 2015 and released an impressive and award-winning debut CD, “Call Me Home”, in 2016.

The trio weave rich vocal harmonies, fiddle, dobro and guitar around beautifully written original songs and melodies. Their music takes influences from folk traditions on both sides of the Atlantic, with uplifting instrumentals and self-penned songs. These depict tales of young travellers, sleepy seas and their affection for home.

Their excellent live performances have engaged and impressed audiences across the UK and Europe, including an extensive support tour with folk legends Show Of Hands and main stage shows at some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals.