Nae Plans

‘Nae Plans‘ is the daredevil, off-the-cuff folk show featuring two Scottish folk musicians of the highest calibre.

Taking their cue from the spontaneity of the traditional music session, two of Scotland’s finest musicians, Hamish Napier (piano, flute, whistle, vocals) and Adam Sutherland (fiddle), sit down on stage without knowing what they will play. The ‘Nae Plans’ philosophy leaves no room for rehearsals, set lists or even discussion about the performance until the pair come together on-stage. Their performances bring a crucial part of Scotland’s music culture, the informal session, to the foreground and cast it in a fresh light, bringing its open-endedness and spontaneity onto the concert platform. It makes for a seat-of-the-pants, incredibly exciting experience for both listener and performer, putting the audience at the centre of an energetic, dynamic and engaging performance which captures the duo’s raw creativity and outstanding musical intuition.

“Nae Plans tour the country, providing a one-stop pop-up shop of musical mischief for which there is no planning (other than, of course, where they plan to pop up)!” Folk Radio UK

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