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Phantom Voices

It’s a long way from Blackpool to Portugal but that’s the journey Phantom Voices are taking to join the line-up for the Costa del Folk. It’s appropriate too as what they’re bringing to the 21st century holiday resort is what George Formby called “A Little Bit of Blackpool Rock”  –  or to be more accurate we should say folk-rock.

The Blackpool-based band reckon the term folk-rock suits their raucous and energetic live performances, influenced in equal parts by English and American folk music, Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll. However you describe them, they’ve gained a justifiable reputation in the North West of England as an exciting and dynamic six-piece band with an outstanding live act.

“The fact that they’ve played bars, clubs and hostelries galore comes as no shock, they’re well versed in stomp along, toe tapping rousing numbers which invite a rowdy, noisy and fun response. However, don’t then write them off as just another group with whom to party hearty, what they’ve done is consider what they should be writing about and to dig deep in their own backyard for inspiration. This band deserve a higher profile beyond the banks of the river Wyre.”   Spiral Earth, January 2015