Rob Barratt

Comic poet and singer Rob Barratt has performed all over the British Isles and in Australia at arts festivals, folk festivals and many other venues. Rob will take you on a journey to the outer reaches of his brain. In this strange place you will hear about squid, the weather in Aberdeen, data-driven education, his relationship with potatoes and tuk-tuks plus why he doesn’t want to swim with dolphins. He is a Dudley-born, brain-tickling, word-mangling comic poet and singer from North Cornwall, who combines clever word play and song with satire, parody and audience participation.

“Not only is this clever, but I think it’s very funny” (Mike Harding)

“Rob revels in wily wordplay and rogue rhyming but his conceits & surrealist forays into the imagination take the ruddy biscuit. Hilarious!” Adrian Mealing (UK Touring and Spooky Men’s Chorale)