Sound Of The Sirens

Sound of the Sirens blend intoxicating vocal harmonies with beautifully crafted instrumentals. This creates a seamless collection of captivating songs. The band describes their newest album, “This Time”, as “collection of moments, emotions, challenges and stories”.

When interviewed, Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood said: “We’ve collected lyrics, melodies and ideas from the past couple of years for this project. We created this album last winter in an isolated barn in Wales with only guitars, a piano, wine and the dogs for company. The themes of time, love, loss, perseverance, hope and clarity are intertwined in these songs”.

 Their live shows combine a natural facility for connecting with their audiences. These unforgettable performances combine warmth, humour and, above all, real conviction. Their debut album "For All Our Sins" was released in 2017. It received wide praise including from R2 Magazine who called it a “stunning debut collection.”