The Mountain Firework Company

The Mountain Firework Company are an acoustic 5 piece based in Brighton, England. They came together over heartache and wine to create what has been described as "gorgeous folk/alt country pop, with equal parts darkness and cheeky humour " and "alternative bluegrass with a dark treacle folk centre "

Mournful and upbeat, The Mountain Firework Company’s driving melodic sound comes from an all acoustic string band line up of Guitars, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Double bass and Drums. Taking the traditional bluegrass string band line-up in new directions, they blend Folk, Country, Bluegrass and general Americana within their sound and whilst knowledgeable and respectful of those genre’s conventions, they are not bound by them. They play all their own material, creating a unique sound that is both fresh and familiar. A sound, that in it’s own small way is a continuation of the “folk “process, where the music that left these islands long ago to eventually become what we loosely term “Americana” has returned and still continues to evolve.


"a bitter sweet country cocktail... on the rocks " "Irish mountain music for city folk"